The Corona Funk

That title sounds like a dance doing the rounds on Tik-Tok. In fact, it probably is, but for the purpose of this blog I’m defining ‘funk’ as:

“A general feeling of shitness”

I may be a Personal Trainer, but I don’t enjoy training at home. If I ever bought a treadmill  I know it would function primarily as an expensive coat stand. I may pick up a kettlebell, but it’d be used to prevent the door swinging as opposed to promoting similar movements from my hips.

I can’t think of anything worse than performing burpees in my living room. Having thought on this for 5 seconds, I suppose performing burpees on a main road wouldn’t be great, or Starbucks, or the barbers…..I digress, the point is; I hate burpees.

During the early stages of ‘Lockdown’ I thought I missed the gym because of the access to equipment, but I was wrong. 

I miss the people, I miss the atmosphere, I miss the social element way more that I realised.

I also miss working in-person with clients. 

I basically miss human contact.

Don’t get me wrong, ‘Zoom sessions’ have been a revelation – I’ve gone from not having heard of this platform 6 weeks ago to delivering multiple online sessions a week – that’s insane…..but it’s no face-to-face.

Two parts of my life I’m incredibly passionate about – training and coaching at the gym – are not possible for the foreseeable future. 

So what can/should I do?

Zoom sessions are doing a great job filling the social void with clients, friends and family. Catching up with old friends has been a genuine plus point of this whole pandemic. One of the reasons bonds with Uni mates are formed so quickly is the shared experience of living away from home for the first time. The Coronavirus is horrendous, but we’re all gong through it together – you’d hope that brings people closer together.

In terms of my own training, I simply cannot replicate the gym in terms of equipment or atmosphere. I’m also acutely aware that my mental tolerance is not at an all time high, so smashing myself to bits doing multiple HIIT sessions is not the answer.

I’m going to lean into the activities I enjoy, the things that bring me mental and physical benefits:

  • Walk (daily)
  • Mobility work (daily)
  • Run 1-2 x week (steady pace)
  • Train with Sarah (when we feel like it)
  • Play tennis in the garden with Sarah (we’ve got a rally record to smash!)

Is this list groundbreaking?

No, but it’s personal to me.

If I ran 4 x week instead of 2, my fitness would  improve a faster rate. If I designed every workout down to the last rep, I’d achieve superior gains. But at the moment, I don’t want to – and that’s fine. This might change in the future but for now, I’m going to do what what feels good for me.

If I could offer a word of advice to you it’d be this:

Do what makes you feel good (as long as it’s legal).

Look after yourself.

Treat yourself like someone you care for deeply – that’s a great place to start.

Stay safe, mucho love.



This whole post comes with the caveat that my problems, in the grand scheme of things, are trivial – I know that. Doctors, nurses, carers and the thousands of front-line workers are dealing with a day-to-day challenge I simply cannot comprehend, and for that I’m sincerely grateful.