#18 – “I can’t afford a gym membership”…….Really?

I drink a lot of coffee.

There’s a Starbucks 10mins from the gym and I work in various coffee shops (I’m writing this in ‘Eat17’) in town.

I pay anywhere from £2-3 a coffee.

I easily ‘drink out’ seven times a week.

£14-21 / week.

£56-84 / month.

Fucking hell that’s a wake-up call for me reading that in black and white!

I spend more on coffee than most people do on a gym membership.

Membership at KORU (where I PT) Gym = £35/month.

Coffee is an inexpensive, highly available product that provides an immediate buzz.

Gym membership is a perceived luxury that on its own guarantees nothing. It requires substantial work on your part to make it worthwhile.

Coffee is instant, short-term gratification.

Gym membership is a long-term investment in your health.

I’m not here to bash coffee. I’m here to tell you that for £25-40/month a gym membership is an absolute bargain. 

It has the potential to be one of the best investments you ever make.

I love coffee.

I love living a healthy life more.