#17 – “People don’t care how much you know until…..

…..they know how much you care.”

Theodore Roosevelt

This is Personal Training in a nutshell.

I presented a nutrition seminar a few months back and was asked about my qualifications. 

My surprised response:

“That’s 5”

5 GCSEs? 

No, that’s a total of 5 times in the last 10 years I’ve been asked about my education background. 

If you’re reading this as a current or aspiring PT it doesn’t mean education isn’t important. You simply have to realise your client probably doesn’t care, and that’s ok.

If you’re reading this as a CLIENT of a PT do they:

  1. Have a plan for your session
  2. Adopt an attentive posture 
  3. Take delight in answering your questions
  4. Provide individualised programming 

Or do they:

  1. Turn up late, ill-prepared for sessions 
  2. Have no interest deviating from their plan regardless of your feedback
  3. Spend more time on their phone than on your technique
  4. Chat with other gym members while you’re buried under the barbell

In other words…..DO THEY CARE?

Are you Lorraine, with the double shoulder surgery and problematic knee that’s had a quick back-and-forth via WhatsApp the day before the session, checking how you’re feeling in preparation to change exercises to suit your individual circumstances…..

…..or are you Dave, the 8th client on Friday afternoon who gets beasted with a series of random circuits with no discernible progression and suspect your PT secretly wishes you cancelled.

If a PT cares about his/her clients the education part will take care of itself. Investing in themselves is an investment in the client, a no-brainer, a win-win.

People are crying out primarily for someone who gives a shit about them, whether they’re a qualified kettlebell practitioner or Zumba instructor is a distant second.