The Corona Funk

That title sounds like a dance doing the rounds on Tik-Tok. In fact, it probably is, but for the purpose of this blog I’m defining ‘funk’ as:

“A general feeling of shitness”

I may be a Personal Trainer, but I don’t enjoy training at home. If I ever bought a treadmill  I know it would function primarily as an expensive coat stand. I may pick up a kettlebell, but it’d be used to prevent the door swinging as opposed to promoting similar movements from my hips.

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#24 – I Don’t want to be the ‘FAT Friend’

This one breaks my heart. I’ve had numerous iterations of the ‘fat friend’ conversation but two stand out. The first is Louise (not her real name). This happened a few years back but I remember it vividly because 5mins into the consultation Louise was in floods of tears.  I’d begun by asking if she had any specific goals: “I want to lose weight.” A pretty standard response. I probed asking if there was a specific reason why. Continue reading “#24 – I Don’t want to be the ‘FAT Friend’”

#23 – The man who didn’t eat for 382 days

Step forward, Angus Barbieri.

“for 382 days, ending 11 July 1966, the then-27-year-old Scotsman ate nothing.”

The human body is a staggering piece of kit.

On the plus side, Angus showed how fasting is a viable option if you have significant weight to lose. However, he does little to dispel the stereotype of Scotsman having horrendous diets in the first place (battered Mars bar anyone?).

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#21 – Cosmo Cover Shocker: Tess Holliday & Health vs Appearance

I’d never heard of Tess Holliday until THAT Cosmo cover. 

Her image jumped out at me in my local Tesco Express, she’s a striking looking woman and not your typical cover model (I don’t think I’m breaking news here).

A couple of days later Tess’s image started popping up all over my social media feed. Piers Morgan was going in hard (yawn), Fitness Professionals were aghast, and in general – people had strong opinions. I hadn’t witnessed this level of polarising debate since Brexit, Trump and that optical illusion dress (FYI – it was blue). 

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#20 – Going to see a therapist for the first time

In the last blog, I mentioned I “sat with a mentor” – this mentor was actually my therapist.

I’m not sure why I didn’t write this originally.

Embarrassment and fear of being judged I guess.

In the spirit of keeping this blog as honest as possible, I thought I’d talk about it.

I experience feelings of depression and anxiety. 

The depression is a relatively new addition (last 18months) whereas anxiety is something that I’ve had for the majority of my life (although admittedly worse in the last few years).

I’ve always managed my anxiety but it requires effort. 

Mental resources need to be allocated and when feelings of depression started to enter the mix it became a bit too much.

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